A Prayer for Love

Love PrayerLooking to share our lives and love with people is a natural and wonderful thing. God has given us people in our lives to love, laugh and cry with. Sometimes it’s not easy for us to find love, that’s when a prayer for love can be quite useful.

Knowing that love is an important ingredient in our lives, it’s only human nature to look to God for guidance when it comes to finding love. These prayers to find love are very emotive and personal prayers. Love is an emotion that brings joy and hope for a future together.

Along with health and money, love is the third key area of our lives that most people find important. That’s why turning to God looking for help to find love is so common. God also knows that these areas of our lives are important to us and as such, welcomes our prayers for help to find love.

We are naturally drawn to wanting to share our lives with others. Even when God created the first man, Adam, he didn’t want him to be alone. That’s why he created Eve, so they could share their lives and love for each other. God didn’t want his favourite creation to be alone and he doesn’t want you to be alone either.

God has blessed us with many things, many gifts, talents and capabilities. As human beings we are capable of great things. One of the greatest gifts that God bestowed upon us is Love. Love for God and love for one another. Love is the gift that the Lord wanted us to share with each other.

A prayer for love to God is a request for help. Help to find us someone to share our lives and love with. God welcomes these prayers and is here to help us in our quest for partnership and love. We can ask God to see the goodness in us and help us show that goodness to others so that they may see it in us too.

Of course, just saying a prayer to God to find love won’t always be enough to find love. In most cases God asks that we take action to find love. It’s important to keep ourselves open to find love. Sometimes people who have been previously hurt in relationships close themselves off to finding love.

This isn’t always done intentionally but hurt can be difficult to get over. Don’t forget if we build walls to stop the hurtful people from getting in, the good people can’t get in either. Remember, being open to God’s love also means being open to the love of others.

I’ve put together some sample prayers for love. Asking God’s intercession to help you find love. These prayers can help you find new love, rekindle old love or just asking God to help you find the love in your relationship that you may have lost. Sometimes we forget what love we had in the busyness of our day to day lives. Sometimes prayer can help God remind us of what we have.

Love Prayer

Sample Prayers for Love.

Dear Lord, just as you helped Adam to find love with Eve,

Please guide me towards my soulmate.

Let the love that burns in my heart be able to be shared with someone to love.

I ask that you grant me the courage to be open to opportunity,

Knowing that you are guiding me on my journey to Love.


Lord God, I ask that you help me be open to love.

Though I have been hurt in the past, I ask that you open my heart.

Help me take down the walls that have been built because of the past.

With these walls, the good people can’t get in to love me.


Be patient when looking for love. Sometimes we have a tendency to jump at whatever comes our way. Looking for a soul mate to share your love for God with is a journey. There are many opportunities along the way. Remember, God will guide you to make the right choice., but you may make some wrong choices along that journey.

Every relationship is a learning experience for you. Remember to take the lesson with you, not the baggage and pain that comes with the lesson. Use your Prayers for Love to keep searching for your soulmate. They are out there, and God wants you to find them.

A Prayer for Healing

A Prayer for Healing

Turning to God when we or our loved ones are sick is quite a common thing. If you did this during a time illness, you’re not alone 😊.  When we are scared and worried because of our health, turning to God and saying a prayer for healing is a natural thing.

We’re scared, we’re worried, but moreover, we’re helpless, as we are in the hands of others to heal us. Feeling this way, it’s only natural to turn to God for comfort and help. These heart felt requests asking God to intercede and to help us bring us comfort and hope in times of great worry.

As well as turning to God when we are sick, we also turn to God when this happens to our loved ones. Again this can be a very emotional time for us. We trust God and the medical professionals to help and comfort our loved ones.

These prayers for the sick can be very powerful and filled with emotion. We’re not asking God to help us, we’re asking him to help those we love.

A Prayer for Emotional Healing.

Most time we turn to the Lord when we or our loved ones have physical illnesses. We can’t, however, forgot about the emotional strains that we face. Asking God for help with a prayer for strength and guidance is also a healing prayer.

Healing our mind and emotions is an important part of physical, emotional and spiritual health and wellbeing. We can’t look after one part of our health without caring for the other parts. It’s important for us to care for our emotional and spiritual wellbeing as much as our physical health.

A Prayer for Healing 2

Sample Prayers for Healing

Deal Lord, help me in this time of need.

Guide the hands of the medical professionals around me.

Give me the strength to endure the challenge before me.

Give comfort solace to those around me so that they can face this with me.

Help me face the fear of what lies ahead.

Take me by the hand as I travel along this unknown journey.

See me safely through to the other side.


Lord of Love, look upon my child.

See them through the burden of this illness and restore them to full health.

Let this cup pass from them and allow them to heal and spread the Word of God.

Guide the doctors as they treat her. Allow them to be your instruments in healing Your child.

Give us the strength to be there for her. Guide us to have faith in Your Will.

Help us come together as a family as we pray for her recovery.


Dear Lord, for those that are sick and in need of comfort.

Grant them strength to face this illness.

Provide them with the hope of Your Holy Spirit so that they can heal.

Bring them closer to You through this illness so that they can better appreciate Your love.

Keep them safe as they endure the medical procedures required for healing.

Restore them to full health to better serve You.


Lord God, give me the emotional strength to face the challenges ahead.

Guide my mind as I face the emotional hurdles in front of me.

Give me the courage to face these thoughts and feelings as I look to correct them.

Place Your hand upon my shoulder to reassure me and let me know that I’m not walking this path alone.


Once we or our loved ones have healed, we can forget the promises we made to God to see us through the illnesses. Take the time to remember and be grateful to God for His help. Gratitude is important for healing. Gratitude for the medical professionals who healed you, guided by the hand of God. Be grateful for the loved ones around you that supported, loved and said prayers for healing you.

Being grateful can be a positive end to a worrying and difficult period of illness.

Good Morning Prayer

Good Morning Prayer

Every day we wake up we should look forward to a day of opportunity and love. We look forward to celebrating another day on God’s great earth. A great practice is to start each day with is gratitude. We can celebrate this gratitude with a Good Morning Prayer. Using prayer combined with other morning rituals can brighten and lift even the most darkest days.

As we wake each day, we can look to build strength and joy with a good morning prayer and other morning rituals. Building a good daily morning ritual is the foundation of getting a good start to the day. By making this system a daily practice, you can start the day out with joy and love and be prepared for any of the things that life has in store for you.

Looking at creating a morning system involves the mind, body and the soul. The ritual involves bringing together all aspects of our existence and preparing them to be utilised for the day ahead.

Good Morning Prayer

What should we pray for when saying a Good Morning Prayer?

In most cases the first thing that all morning prayers should contain is gratitude. If we have gratitude for what we already have, we can welcome in and be grateful for all the other things that might come our way today. We should look to god to bless and protect the people important to us. We should also look ahead to the day in front of us and welcome the opportunity a new day can offer.

We should take the opportunity for God to guide us through our day. During the day we will be making decisions that will impact our lives and those around us. We should take the time to ask God to guide us, provide direction and give us the strength to make the right decisions.

we should ask for God to love and protect us as well as our family. In the world today there are many things that can harm us and our loved ones. Asking that the Lord watches over us should also be included in a daily Good Morning Prayer.

Good Morning Prayer - 2

An example of a Good Morning Prayer

Lord God, thank you for the wonder of this beautiful new day.

I ask that you watch over me and protect me as I journey through this day.

Grant me the serenity to view your wonders in all their glory and beauty.

Let me express and savour the joy you bring to me in this new day.

Allow me to be open so that I can grow, learn and experience throughout this day.

Lord, protect my family and those closest to me.

Let them experience the love and joy I have for them.

Grant me the strength to be my best self today, so that I can contribute and share with the world.

Let it be a better place for the work I do today.



Another Sample Good Morning Prayer

Dear Lord, thank you protecting us as we slept and keeping us safe.

As we look to a new day, please watch over me and my loved ones and keep us on your path throughout the day.

Allow us to see the good in people and appreciate the wonder of your creation Earth.

Help us navigate the choices we make today. Let us make decisions that bring positivity and progress.

Fill us and those around us with joy and love.

Let us send your message of love in the work we do today.


Starting your day with morning prayers like these will bring hope and anticipation to the day ahead. It is empowering and strong creating gratitude for what you have and expectations for what the day will bring.

It is also useful to use prayer as part of a morning ritual. Other things that should be included in your morning ritual should be meditation, exercise and hydration. Incorporating a Good Morning Prayer with these other morning activities will create and empowering morning ritual.

Good Night Prayer

Good Night Prayer Image

When it comes to the end of the day, we have a fantastic opportunity to look back and review our day as well as giving thanks. A fantastic way of doing this is to follow a good night routine. Pivotal to this good night routine, should be a Good Night Prayer.

As we head to bed, we are tired and usually ready for sleep. Being grateful for what we experienced, good and bad can form the basis of a Goodnight prayer.

Prayer is a critical component of our spiritual lifestyle and our communications with the Lord. Through prayer we can be brought closer to God and embrace the joy he brings us. We all is quiet and we are alone with our thoughts, we can be close to God. Our thought and feelings can align us to the Holy Spirit and the warmth of God using a Good night prayer.

Using prayer we can become more spiritual and in the peace and serenity of night time, it allows us to focus on our faith. It’s an opportunity of being beside God without the noise and distractions of the day. While saying our good night prayers, we should look to pray for those around us as well as ourselves. Praying for others and the intentions of others, allows us to appreciate our own intentions.

Praying at night time is a great practice to begin also with our children. Allowing children the opportunity to be grateful and understanding that appreciating what they have is the journey to receiving more. Let them learn the importance of the prayers they say and the meaning of the prayers will expose them to peace and contentment. Definitely more than any games console can.

It can be very rewarding for families to pray together. An opportunity to share what they’re grateful for as well as their hopes and aspirations for the future. It can bond families as they share the important components of their lives.

Below we a few samples of a good Night Prayer.

Good Night Prayer Image 2

Sample Good Night Prayers.

Lord God, thank you for all that you have done for me today.

Thank you for keeping me safe and secure this day.

Please forgive my sins for today.

Provide me the strength and the guidance not to make the same mistakes tomorrow.

Protect and keep me while I sleep.

Grant me the love of the holy Spirit throughout my slumber.


Dear Lord, I’m grateful for the wondrous day that I shared today.

I thank you for the joy and the memories created today.

I’m grateful for the friendships that have been strengthened today.

As I rest my head upon my pillow, I place my worries at your feet and look for guidance in handling them tomorrow.

Look kindly on my family and grant them serenity while they sleep.

May they awaken renewed in the love of god.


Lord, thank you for today.

Thank you for the gifts and love I experienced today.

Please grant me the grace to give back that love tomorrow.

Protect my family while I sleep.

Grant them pleasant and fulfilling dreams.

Allow them to wake to go fulfil the Word of God.

A Good Night Prayer that is shared with God and the end of a day can be quite rewarding. It’s an opportunity to be grateful and to reflect on the joys and struggles that make us human. It’s through these joys and struggles that we can become closer to God.

It allows us to end our days with peace and contentment in our hearts. This will allow us to sleep knowing that God is near us.