A Prayer for Healing

A Prayer for Healing

Turning to God when we or our loved ones are sick is quite a common thing. If you did this during a time illness, you’re not alone 😊.  When we are scared and worried because of our health, turning to God and saying a prayer for healing is a natural thing.

We’re scared, we’re worried, but moreover, we’re helpless, as we are in the hands of others to heal us. Feeling this way, it’s only natural to turn to God for comfort and help. These heart felt requests asking God to intercede and to help us bring us comfort and hope in times of great worry.

As well as turning to God when we are sick, we also turn to God when this happens to our loved ones. Again this can be a very emotional time for us. We trust God and the medical professionals to help and comfort our loved ones.

These prayers for the sick can be very powerful and filled with emotion. We’re not asking God to help us, we’re asking him to help those we love.

A Prayer for Emotional Healing.

Most time we turn to the Lord when we or our loved ones have physical illnesses. We can’t, however, forgot about the emotional strains that we face. Asking God for help with a prayer for strength and guidance is also a healing prayer.

Healing our mind and emotions is an important part of physical, emotional and spiritual health and wellbeing. We can’t look after one part of our health without caring for the other parts. It’s important for us to care for our emotional and spiritual wellbeing as much as our physical health.

A Prayer for Healing 2

Sample Prayers for Healing

Deal Lord, help me in this time of need.

Guide the hands of the medical professionals around me.

Give me the strength to endure the challenge before me.

Give comfort solace to those around me so that they can face this with me.

Help me face the fear of what lies ahead.

Take me by the hand as I travel along this unknown journey.

See me safely through to the other side.


Lord of Love, look upon my child.

See them through the burden of this illness and restore them to full health.

Let this cup pass from them and allow them to heal and spread the Word of God.

Guide the doctors as they treat her. Allow them to be your instruments in healing Your child.

Give us the strength to be there for her. Guide us to have faith in Your Will.

Help us come together as a family as we pray for her recovery.


Dear Lord, for those that are sick and in need of comfort.

Grant them strength to face this illness.

Provide them with the hope of Your Holy Spirit so that they can heal.

Bring them closer to You through this illness so that they can better appreciate Your love.

Keep them safe as they endure the medical procedures required for healing.

Restore them to full health to better serve You.


Lord God, give me the emotional strength to face the challenges ahead.

Guide my mind as I face the emotional hurdles in front of me.

Give me the courage to face these thoughts and feelings as I look to correct them.

Place Your hand upon my shoulder to reassure me and let me know that I’m not walking this path alone.


Once we or our loved ones have healed, we can forget the promises we made to God to see us through the illnesses. Take the time to remember and be grateful to God for His help. Gratitude is important for healing. Gratitude for the medical professionals who healed you, guided by the hand of God. Be grateful for the loved ones around you that supported, loved and said prayers for healing you.

Being grateful can be a positive end to a worrying and difficult period of illness.