A Prayer for Love

Love PrayerLooking to share our lives and love with people is a natural and wonderful thing. God has given us people in our lives to love, laugh and cry with. Sometimes it’s not easy for us to find love, that’s when a prayer for love can be quite useful.

Knowing that love is an important ingredient in our lives, it’s only human nature to look to God for guidance when it comes to finding love. These prayers to find love are very emotive and personal prayers. Love is an emotion that brings joy and hope for a future together.

Along with health and money, love is the third key area of our lives that most people find important. That’s why turning to God looking for help to find love is so common. God also knows that these areas of our lives are important to us and as such, welcomes our prayers for help to find love.

We are naturally drawn to wanting to share our lives with others. Even when God created the first man, Adam, he didn’t want him to be alone. That’s why he created Eve, so they could share their lives and love for each other. God didn’t want his favourite creation to be alone and he doesn’t want you to be alone either.

God has blessed us with many things, many gifts, talents and capabilities. As human beings we are capable of great things. One of the greatest gifts that God bestowed upon us is Love. Love for God and love for one another. Love is the gift that the Lord wanted us to share with each other.

A prayer for love to God is a request for help. Help to find us someone to share our lives and love with. God welcomes these prayers and is here to help us in our quest for partnership and love. We can ask God to see the goodness in us and help us show that goodness to others so that they may see it in us too.

Of course, just saying a prayer to God to find love won’t always be enough to find love. In most cases God asks that we take action to find love. It’s important to keep ourselves open to find love. Sometimes people who have been previously hurt in relationships close themselves off to finding love.

This isn’t always done intentionally but hurt can be difficult to get over. Don’t forget if we build walls to stop the hurtful people from getting in, the good people can’t get in either. Remember, being open to God’s love also means being open to the love of others.

I’ve put together some sample prayers for love. Asking God’s intercession to help you find love. These prayers can help you find new love, rekindle old love or just asking God to help you find the love in your relationship that you may have lost. Sometimes we forget what love we had in the busyness of our day to day lives. Sometimes prayer can help God remind us of what we have.

Love Prayer

Sample Prayers for Love.

Dear Lord, just as you helped Adam to find love with Eve,

Please guide me towards my soulmate.

Let the love that burns in my heart be able to be shared with someone to love.

I ask that you grant me the courage to be open to opportunity,

Knowing that you are guiding me on my journey to Love.


Lord God, I ask that you help me be open to love.

Though I have been hurt in the past, I ask that you open my heart.

Help me take down the walls that have been built because of the past.

With these walls, the good people can’t get in to love me.


Be patient when looking for love. Sometimes we have a tendency to jump at whatever comes our way. Looking for a soul mate to share your love for God with is a journey. There are many opportunities along the way. Remember, God will guide you to make the right choice., but you may make some wrong choices along that journey.

Every relationship is a learning experience for you. Remember to take the lesson with you, not the baggage and pain that comes with the lesson. Use your Prayers for Love to keep searching for your soulmate. They are out there, and God wants you to find them.