Good Morning Prayer

Good Morning Prayer

Every day we wake up we should look forward to a day of opportunity and love. We look forward to celebrating another day on God’s great earth. A great practice is to start each day with is gratitude. We can celebrate this gratitude with a Good Morning Prayer. Using prayer combined with other morning rituals can brighten and lift even the most darkest days.

As we wake each day, we can look to build strength and joy with a good morning prayer and other morning rituals. Building a good daily morning ritual is the foundation of getting a good start to the day. By making this system a daily practice, you can start the day out with joy and love and be prepared for any of the things that life has in store for you.

Looking at creating a morning system involves the mind, body and the soul. The ritual involves bringing together all aspects of our existence and preparing them to be utilised for the day ahead.

Good Morning Prayer

What should we pray for when saying a Good Morning Prayer?

In most cases the first thing that all morning prayers should contain is gratitude. If we have gratitude for what we already have, we can welcome in and be grateful for all the other things that might come our way today. We should look to god to bless and protect the people important to us. We should also look ahead to the day in front of us and welcome the opportunity a new day can offer.

We should take the opportunity for God to guide us through our day. During the day we will be making decisions that will impact our lives and those around us. We should take the time to ask God to guide us, provide direction and give us the strength to make the right decisions.

we should ask for God to love and protect us as well as our family. In the world today there are many things that can harm us and our loved ones. Asking that the Lord watches over us should also be included in a daily Good Morning Prayer.

Good Morning Prayer - 2

An example of a Good Morning Prayer

Lord God, thank you for the wonder of this beautiful new day.

I ask that you watch over me and protect me as I journey through this day.

Grant me the serenity to view your wonders in all their glory and beauty.

Let me express and savour the joy you bring to me in this new day.

Allow me to be open so that I can grow, learn and experience throughout this day.

Lord, protect my family and those closest to me.

Let them experience the love and joy I have for them.

Grant me the strength to be my best self today, so that I can contribute and share with the world.

Let it be a better place for the work I do today.



Another Sample Good Morning Prayer

Dear Lord, thank you protecting us as we slept and keeping us safe.

As we look to a new day, please watch over me and my loved ones and keep us on your path throughout the day.

Allow us to see the good in people and appreciate the wonder of your creation Earth.

Help us navigate the choices we make today. Let us make decisions that bring positivity and progress.

Fill us and those around us with joy and love.

Let us send your message of love in the work we do today.


Starting your day with morning prayers like these will bring hope and anticipation to the day ahead. It is empowering and strong creating gratitude for what you have and expectations for what the day will bring.

It is also useful to use prayer as part of a morning ritual. Other things that should be included in your morning ritual should be meditation, exercise and hydration. Incorporating a Good Morning Prayer with these other morning activities will create and empowering morning ritual.