Good Night Prayer

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When it comes to the end of the day, we have a fantastic opportunity to look back and review our day as well as giving thanks. A fantastic way of doing this is to follow a good night routine. Pivotal to this good night routine, should be a Good Night Prayer.

As we head to bed, we are tired and usually ready for sleep. Being grateful for what we experienced, good and bad can form the basis of a Goodnight prayer.

Prayer is a critical component of our spiritual lifestyle and our communications with the Lord. Through prayer we can be brought closer to God and embrace the joy he brings us. We all is quiet and we are alone with our thoughts, we can be close to God. Our thought and feelings can align us to the Holy Spirit and the warmth of God using a Good night prayer.

Using prayer we can become more spiritual and in the peace and serenity of night time, it allows us to focus on our faith. It’s an opportunity of being beside God without the noise and distractions of the day. While saying our good night prayers, we should look to pray for those around us as well as ourselves. Praying for others and the intentions of others, allows us to appreciate our own intentions.

Praying at night time is a great practice to begin also with our children. Allowing children the opportunity to be grateful and understanding that appreciating what they have is the journey to receiving more. Let them learn the importance of the prayers they say and the meaning of the prayers will expose them to peace and contentment. Definitely more than any games console can.

It can be very rewarding for families to pray together. An opportunity to share what they’re grateful for as well as their hopes and aspirations for the future. It can bond families as they share the important components of their lives.

Below we a few samples of a good Night Prayer.

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Sample Good Night Prayers.

Lord God, thank you for all that you have done for me today.

Thank you for keeping me safe and secure this day.

Please forgive my sins for today.

Provide me the strength and the guidance not to make the same mistakes tomorrow.

Protect and keep me while I sleep.

Grant me the love of the holy Spirit throughout my slumber.


Dear Lord, I’m grateful for the wondrous day that I shared today.

I thank you for the joy and the memories created today.

I’m grateful for the friendships that have been strengthened today.

As I rest my head upon my pillow, I place my worries at your feet and look for guidance in handling them tomorrow.

Look kindly on my family and grant them serenity while they sleep.

May they awaken renewed in the love of god.


Lord, thank you for today.

Thank you for the gifts and love I experienced today.

Please grant me the grace to give back that love tomorrow.

Protect my family while I sleep.

Grant them pleasant and fulfilling dreams.

Allow them to wake to go fulfil the Word of God.

A Good Night Prayer that is shared with God and the end of a day can be quite rewarding. It’s an opportunity to be grateful and to reflect on the joys and struggles that make us human. It’s through these joys and struggles that we can become closer to God.

It allows us to end our days with peace and contentment in our hearts. This will allow us to sleep knowing that God is near us.